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Upcoming Performances
May 5–6, 2018
Minneapolis, MN
JSB TEK BOX Theater in the Cowles Center for Dance

July 6–7, 2018
17th Annual Dances at the Lakes Festival
Minneapolis, MN
Rose Garden at Lake Harriet

July 13–14, 2018
Dances on the Lakewalk
Duluth, MN
Repertoire: Soft Landing
Christopher Watson, choreographer

Soft Landing hovers above the surface of a myriad of enigmatic interactions and relationships, fueled by a steady emotional pulse. Created during the Christopher Watson Dance Company's fall 2004 residency in Larret, France, the title Soft Landing refers to both travel and relationships — soft landings of planes on runways and softly coming into (and leaving) other peoples' lives.

Christopher Watson Dance Company
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